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Our Story

Parent Support for Bereaved Parents, by Bereaved Parents

Caring Beyond is a peer support group for parents after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, early neonatal death, termination for medical reasons, ectopic pregnancy, and any other loss across the spectrum of early gestation to the neonatal period. We understand that all of our babies were loved, wanted, and are dearly missed.  We understand this, because we have been there. All Caring Beyond Board Members have experienced at least one loss, and found comfort in the support of the group. We share our stories to walk with those in the early stages of grief, to comfort you through this journey, and to help you find some light in this dark time. 

The loss of a baby at any time is a devastating experience. The grief process following a baby's death is unique to each individual. Many parents are left to feel isolated and alone. You are in the company of many other parents who have similar stories of loss and grief. Attending a Caring Beyond meeting with other bereaved parents has the ability to offer you a lifeline during this difficult time.

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